Hey, I'm Tracey. The word kaleidoscope is derived from Greek words meaning observer of beautiful forms, and the intent of my blog is to be a kaleidoscope of all types of design that I love and which inspire me. I hope it will give you inspiration too.

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almost grad time

wow, i can't believe it's almost april & that means the end of school and graduation are right around the corner. these graduation announcements i designed are a lot cooler than the grad announcements we had ages ago back when i graduated from high school and college. these designs also have matching graduation party invites too. there are so many more interesting options out there now! my daughter will not be graduating for a while but i know time flies by, and looking at these grad announcements makes me brace myself for when she is a graduate. i'm not ready to think of her out in the real world yet! are you celebrating a special graduate soon?


charleston, sc = design inspiration


if you are looking for a totally beautiful & historic place with lots of design inspiration at every turn, take a trip to charleston, south carolina. recently my hubby and I visited this gorgeous design mecca and i took many pics with the hope of bringing home bits of the lovely sites we saw to inspire me. i love beautiful ironwork detail and snapped many of these pics on our strolls throughout the city's tucked away neighborhood streets in the historic district. we also hiked up the cooper river bridge, and it's truly an architectural design marvel. check out the cool regal door knocker, and even plants growing out an old crumbling building facade can be beautiful there. highly recommend a trip to this awesome city. love! love! love!


happy valentine's day (early!)

happy new year! we had a great holiday here and 2013 is already shaping up to be awesome so far. i received an early valentine's day surprise today in my email inbox. One of my valentine's day card designs was featured in treat.com's email marketing that was emailed out! in the second eblast, my design is the cute pink photo card featuring fun hand drawn hearts; you can check it out here. very exciting! i have two other valentine's day photo card designs for sale on treat as well. you can check them out here and here and i will chat about them on the blog soon too.

valentine's day has always been a special holiday for me. in grade school, it was so fun to decorate the large construction paper valentine holder/envelope & distribute cute, hand-picked little valentines to all of my classmates. what fun grade school valentine's day tradtions do you remember?


holiday cards galore

happy december! i love the holidays and all of the festivities & traditions that go along with them. one of our annual traditions, like so many other families have, is sending holiday photo cards to all of our friends and family with our most recent family pics along with a little personal handwritten note.

this year i have been fortunate to have 16 colorful & fun holiday card designs for sale on various websites { check out my shop here! }. we have several designs to choose from for our family cards; it will be difficult for me to pick just one! we also love receiving holiday cards and seeing how our friends' kids have grown and changed from year to year. i actuall do save many of the holiday cards that we receive each year and have lots of ideas for projects to create with them for friends, just not enough time to get to it yet... just curious, do you still send out traditional holiday cards?


big girl!


wow! it's november already. last wednesday (halloween), my precious baby turned 5 years old! i know it's cliche but i really don't know where the time has gone; she has become such a big girl. she wanted to have her bday party at my gym, a place that basically takes care of all activities, clean up, paper products, etc. so that was a no-brainer!

i designed her invitation and the fun tags for her goody bags using her idea that friends could find her in the ball pit at my gym. she had been saying this for weeks prior to her party, so i thought it would be cute to have her surrounded by colorful "balls" on the invite & tag. since her birthday is on halloween and because kids get so much candy, i thought it would be fun (and much better on the teeth!) to package a little container of colorful play-doh and a cute play-doh cutter together in each goody bag. lots of fun was had by all party attendees & i think everything turned out adorable; what do you think?