Hey, I'm Tracey. The word kaleidoscope is derived from Greek words meaning observer of beautiful forms, and the intent of my blog is to be a kaleidoscope of all types of design that I love and which inspire me. I hope it will give you inspiration too.

Feel free to contact me ~ tracey@coolidgeandelm.com.

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i'm seeing snowflakes in september!

hey! i can't believe it's been over a month since i last posted on my blog. time sure is flying. perhaps it's because i have been designing holiday themed cards etc since june! my evening snowflakes christmas card seen above (which i designed last year) is for sale again this year on minted.com. in the coming month, i will post about all of the festive designs i have for sale on various sites. my holiday designs, as with all of my other designs for sale, will be posted in my shop. simply click the "shop" link above. 

the cool thing nowadays is that you can send out a holiday card for any holiday, it doesn't have to be in december. i have received new year's cards, easter cards and a friend recently opted to not send out holiday cards at all. instead she sent me a lovely "just because" card in june to let me know she was thinking of me. i thought that was a really cool idea!

the holidays will be here before you know it! what type of card [holiday or otherwise] do you prefer to send out?


vintage tin is in... and functional

hey. i recently purchased four cool vintage tin wall tiles from pottery barn teen to hang in my studio. my teen days are long gone (ha ha) but i think PBT, and pottery barn too, have many cute products that mix well with different decorating styles. i love vintage and retro pieces of any sort but just don't have the time i'd like to search flea markets and restore the treasures i find. If you want the vintage look too, these are so the ticket!

i love the ornate hammered designs as well as the distressed look on each tile. they are magnetic so i am using them as bulletin boards to display my invitations and card designs that are for sale or will soon be for sale. love being able to see lots of designs and inspirations on my walls all the time! how do you display what inspires you?


easy peasy pizza!


i love quick, healthy & yummy thin crust pizza! but preparing pizza from scratch can sometimes be really high maintenance, so i have this super fast & easy recipe for tasty little pizzas that my daughter and husband love. i bake my pizzas on a pizza stone to make them nice and crispy; i'm sure a cookie sheet would work fine, too.

the only ingredients you need are olive oil, tomato sauce (we love giada de laurentis for target savory tomato...yum), seasonings (garlic, oregano, etc.), medium or large multi grain flower tortillas, grated mozzarella cheese & whatever toppings you like.

basically, i set the oven to broil, spread a drop or two of olive oil around the pizza stone and place a tortilla on the stone & broil to get crispy (only takes a minute or two.) i then take the pizza stone out of the oven (carefully, it's super hot), spread sauce on the tortilla, add seasonings (we love garlic powder and cinnamon...yes, it sounds a bit strange but it adds a really unique flavor), grated part skim mozzarella cheese & your toppings (i added olives here, so tasty). broil the pizza until the cheese melts, and presto... you have a yummy, healthy & quick little pizza. if you try the recipe, shoot me a comment and let me know how your pizzas turned out. enjoy!


time flies when you are working... and playing


happy summer! i can't believe it's mid july already. so much has been happening here in the studio - lots of projects, trips with the fam and working away. there has been so much going on that i haven't had much spare time to blog recently, but i'm back now! in may i went to nyc to check out surtex, catch a yankee game and visit with friends; always a great time! i have also been working on several projects through a fresh bunch and will post more about it here soon. recently we spent time in amelia island as well as a week at holden beach. love these fun pics i snapped on vaca, especially the adorable shot of e getting cozy with the pirate!

hope your summer is going great! what did you do on your vacation?


surtex, nyc and me

hello. i am so excited because in less than two weeks i will be attending the national stationery show and surtex in nyc! i have attended the show once before but this time i will actually have some of my designs represented by a group i have been working with called a fresh bunch. i am so looking forward to walking the huge show and seeing all of the incredible design talent & products out there. it's such eye candy if you are into paper and stationery like i am. will keep you posted on my nyc adventure!