Hey, I'm Tracey. The word kaleidoscope is derived from Greek words meaning observer of beautiful forms, and the intent of my blog is to be a kaleidoscope of all types of design that I love and which inspire me. I hope it will give you inspiration too.

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mother's day? i vote for mother's week or month!

happy spring! mother's day is coming up on May 13. i think it's awesome that there is a day where mom is the queen and is showered with love & special things. but i also think it would be nice if the powers that be could extend mother's day for at least a week if not a month or two; we mom's have earned it! i know back in the day when my three sisters and I were growing up, my mom deserved multiple mother's days if not a mother's month to herself for shuttling us here & there, making sure homework was completed, and cooking us dinner every night (even if dinner occassionally was chicken livers - yuck!) I don't remember her ever complaining either so cumulatively over time she should have banked at least a mother's year worth of free time for herself!

still related to mother's day but from a different perspective, check out the cute greeting card I designed for AFB for sale now on Tiny Prints new greeting cards site, Treat.com. this cute, whimsical Mother's Day greeting card design lets dad convey how much mom means to him & the kids. happy mom's day (early)!


tis the season for weddings

hi, everyone. it is spring and also the official start of wedding season. a while back, it seems like i was always going to a wedding, preparing to be in a wedding, buying a wedding gift or some combo thereof.

i love all of the pomp and celebrating that go with weddings, and am so excited to have this lovely wedding congrats greeting card now for sale on treat.com, tiny prints' new greeting cards website, (through a fresh bunch, a group I have been doing work with) to congratulate that special couple!

how many newly married couples will you be congratulating this season?


it "snowed" in our backyard...

happy spring, everyone. march 20th is officially the first day of spring, and it has been in the mid 80s here in my neck of the woods! everything has been blooming and bursting with color. I took these pics to capture the newness and fun of spring with my sweet girl. How great it is to shake the limbs of a tree and create a blanket of "snow" petals in the backyard. oh, to be 4 years old again... enjoy!


ladies stationery designs

Hello, everyone. I recently submitted two personal stationery designs to Minted's latest design challenge that I adore. I loved creating this Flowers and Vines design, and I really could design flowers and curvy forms for every challenge. I also really like the Salutations in Curves design as well; it's designed with a professional yet stylish gal in mind. When you get a sec, rate my designs and let me know what you think.


paying it forward at the drive-thru

today, i paid it forward at the drive-thru.

a friend of mine introduced me to this concept a while back and i try to do it every month or so. the idea is to anonymously pay for the purchase of the person behind you in the drive-thru line or coffee shop or wherever. this morning i was getting my favorite beverage at mickey-d's - an iced tea half sweet, half unsweet (this southern girl's staple am drink) - and decided to pay for the purchase of the lady behind me in the drive-thru. 

the fun is seeing in the rear view mirror the reaction of the person when they drive up to the window to pay and the cashier tells them the car ahead of them (me) has already paid for their purchase. sometimes i get a happy wave from people and sometimes the person looks totally confused as though they think it's a joke and they are on a hidden camera reality show. mostly it's a selfish act on my part because i feel good about doing something nice for a total stranger, and i hope that they will in turn pay it forward for someone else sometime. 

have you every tried it? leave me a comment, i'd love to hear how you pay it forward.

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