Hey, I'm Tracey. The word kaleidoscope is derived from Greek words meaning observer of beautiful forms, and the intent of my blog is to be a kaleidoscope of all types of design that I love and which inspire me. I hope it will give you inspiration too.

Feel free to contact me ~ tracey@coolidgeandelm.com.

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it's always lots of fun for me to decorate our table for the holidays. this year we hosted half the family for thanksgiving so the table wasn't quite as long as when everyone is here. i'm a little after-the-fact but wanted to post a pic of our lovely table decor (before guests arrived). I enjoy thinking about how I'm thankful for each person who attended our thanksgiving meal and also for all of our family members who had their feast elsewhere. i know i need to be better every day about counting my blessings and being thankful for loved ones. i'm glad we have a holiday like thanksgiving to remind me to focus more on this important fact! happy holidays!